Juan XXIII Shirts

Order shirts for your Juan XXIII retreats!

Worried you’ll ask for one shirt design and get a shirt that looks different?  We print for multiple Juan XXIII retreats, and we guarantee you’ll get shirts that look the way you want.

“It’s so easy working with Paul to get apparel for our retreats. He always does his best to represent our movement and mission.”

Jackie Moreno,
Presidenta Nacional Juan XXIII, USA

Our No Risk Guarantee

If the shirts in your order do not look like what you want, then you get your money back.

Or your order is completely free!


We are a Catholic t-shirt printer that understands your movement.


You always get beautiful shirt designs that match your vision.


Fast and consistent delivery every time. Guaranteed!

We are Catholic and love to help Catholic movements.

One of our printers is a member of the Juan XXIII movement!

We promise good quality shirts that look the way you want. We promise quick delivery, and we take care of royalty fees.

  • We’re Catholic and believe in Catholic values.
  • We promise to provide the shirt you want.
  • We work with multiple chapters of the movement and can send examples of shirts we’ve printed.

We’d love to work with you!

We offer:


Art Design


Free Shipping


We pay all royalties to the Movement


Many options of shirt styles and colors (and we can help choose what shirts will work best)

We’ve been so grateful and blessed to work with Paul! We’ve worked with him for years and have always been extremely happy with all his work.

This is a Catholic company and Paul is part of Juan XXIII! He understands our spirituality, and our needs, and shares our faith. I cannot recommend Paul enough!

Jill Limongi
Archdiocese of New York, President of the NY Chapter

Can we send you a free sample?

We would love to send you a free sample package of shirts we have printed for different John XXIII retreats.

We can help you pick out many different shirt designs and shirt colors, and we can create beautiful art to go on your retreat shirts!

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